Brought to you by Airship, who works with leading hospitality brands like:

Drop contextual rewards into your guest’s digital profile.

Give your guests rewards based on interactions,
behaviour or even just because!

Rewards for all your guest, not the few.

If they're on your database, they've got access.
Provide a slick digital profile experience for each and every
one of your guests (not just those in your loyalty scheme.)

It's like an app but there's nothing to download.

Your guests don't need another app to download.
That's why Airship Rewards works directly from the browser.

Introducing: Airship Rewards

Do you want to be able to distribute and manage rewards, which will, in turn, incentives visits?

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What is Airship Rewards

Airship Loyalty is a digital profile, where your guests can access all the rewards and offers they have available with your brand.

Do I need to be an Airship customer to get Airship Rewards?

Yes, Rewards is a ‘booster’ that you add on to your existing Airship account.

Consider Rewards as the guest-facing digital space, where guests can see the offers you've given them - with the tech, data and intelligence behind Rewards powered by Airship.

Can Rewards be automated?

Yes! Just like with Airship, you can trigger rewards and offers, based on all sorts of interactions or milestones. These can now appear directly in your guests’ profile and not just as an email.

How do my guests access their Rewards?

They can access the Airship Rewards profile either from a link within an email, or from a link on their website. They’ll receive a one-time magic link to use at login.

Do my guests need to download an app?

Nope! Don’t worry, Airship Rewards isn’t another app. They can access it on their smartphone and it will feel like an app when they’re in, but there is nothing to download - anything with a screen and an internet connection can get onto it.

If you want, you can encourage your guests to ‘save to homescreen’ so it even looks like an app on their mobile device, offering super quick access.

Will my guests need to create an account?

Nope. Any guest who exists on your database will have access to rewards. They’ll only need to know their email address.

What offers can I use with it?

All sorts!! Think 2 for 1, 10% off. Think free £5. If you want to do it, Airship Rewards can handle it.

How do my guests redeem the rewards?

Depending on the type of code each Reward uses, and the systems that you have in place, the redemption journey will be different each time. They may just show a code for your server to input into the till, the may scan a QR code, or they may self-redeem.

How much does Airship Rewards cost?

Take a look at our pricing table. The cost of Airship Rewards is in addition to the existing cost of an Airship licence.